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What types of frames work best for different face shapes?

Am I looking good in this frame? Is this frame too big for me? What is the actual face type of mine? These questions might have taken a toll on your mind while you choose an eye frame. But have you ever re-considered such important questions when picking a frame? Well, we all have a general idea about the looks and style of picking the frame, but it's not enough to rely on such a small amount of information. That's why you need to be informed about the relationship between face cuts and choosing the perfect frame according to your face. We all have different face structures, which makes the person look different from another person, and wearing the right frame, which goes well with the face type, can elevate your look and provide comfort. 

In this blog, we bring detailed information about the different types of frames that work best for different face shapes, ultimately making you stylish and elevating your comfort level.  

Find your face type 

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To find the right eyeglass frame, knowing your face shape is essential. Stand in front of a mirror and observe the contours of your face. Common face shapes include:

Oval: Oval faces have balanced proportions and gently rounded features, making them one of the most versatile.

Round: People with round faces have rounded angles, full cheeks, and approximately equal length and width.

Square: For those who have square faces, their face shapes usually consist of a jawline and a broad forehead, with almost equal width and length.

Heart: Faces with a heart shape have broad foreheads and cheekbones, tapering to a narrow chin.

Oblong: Oblong faces have long and narrow shapes, with similar proportions to the oval face shape.

Diamond: Diamond-shaped faces have narrow foreheads and chins, with wider cheekbones.

Choosing Eye Frames

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The perfect pair of eye frames may completely modify your appearance while also giving you a chiseled facial cut. With so many different frame types available today, it can be hectic to find the ideal fit for your face. With a detailed guide for selecting eyeglass frames that match your face type, the below pointers will surely help you.   

Frames for Oval Faces: An oval face can be framed in almost any style. Experiment with bold shapes, such as rectangular or cat-eye frames, or opt for fashion sunglasses for a touch of drama.

Frames for Round Faces: Choose angular or geometric frames to counter the tenderness of round faces. Rectangular, square, or even wayfarer-style frames help to define and organize your features.

Frames for Square Faces: Round or oval frames soften the angles of a square face. These will contribute to a more balanced and harmonious appearance. To provide some contrast, consider frames with slightly curved corners.

Frames for Heart Faces:  Choose bigger frames at the bottom to balance a heart-shaped face's wide forehead with its narrower chin. In order to create a favorable look, cat-eye sunglasses or frames with ornamental accents on the bottom will be perfect.

Frames for Oblong Faces: Opt for frames with distinctive shapes to give an oblong face more breadth. Seek for big or broad rectangular choices. 

Frames for Diamond Faces: Choose frames with detailing brow lines to draw attention to the cheek and soften the angular characteristics of a diamond-shaped face. 


In short, having a detailed knowledge of face shapes and their best-suited frames will help you to get the desired result. With the right frames and glasses, you can not only look good but also attain comfortability. Similarly, if you are looking for a perfect venue to have an eye frame for you, you should visit The Luxury Direct for more details.

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